1st Exchange of Good Practices - EEAR

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First Exchange of good practices

The first Exchange of Good Practices was online on 9 December 2020.
A very interesting meeting in which CPA of G. Bomba shared with the other partners the experience of the online course "Digital Enterprise" of the Erasmus+ Disability Youth Worker project.
Before the online meeting, all the EEAR partners had access to the course on the platform used to carry out the activities and better understand the work done by the participants during the online course.
The Flipped-Learning method was used for the course in which at first, the participants study through video lessons to independently learn the contents of the different units. Then they carry out the exercises in groups or independently and at the end they can discuss with their peers and the teacher/expert.
CPA involved the partners in a lesson of a part of the topics, making the partners interact and showing the different platforms used during the online course. Some exercises and projects carried out by the participants during the course were also shown..

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