Online Meetings 2020 - EEAR

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Online Meetings 2020

From March to December 2020, the partners remained in constant contact via messages, emails and Online Meetings. During these meetings there was much discussion on the situation of each partner country regarding the pandemic in progress, in order to be able to organize possible meetings.
2 April In the first online meeting partners made a summary of what had been done during the meeting of March 3 in Lanciano. They talked about the progress of the project and case studies. There were other clarifications regarding the ECVET model and the EEAR Quality Manual. Other changes were made to the PowerPoint for dissemination.
4 May In the second Online meeting there was feedback on the improvement of the case studies by all partners. A specific scheme has been created regarding National Reports. Furthermore, the dissemination strategy was discussed.
16 June In the third Online meeting Partners talked about dissemination and it was decided that CPA should create a new PowerPoint template. The progress of the documents and projects to be produced was also discussed.
4 August In the fourth Online meeting partners decided to make some changes regarding the dissemination plan. While discussing it was decided to reschedule the various physical meetings not held given the critical situation.    
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